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What is going on, Cyberspace?! I'm MichaelK - your captain on a nostalgia-packed journey through the neon-lit universe of Geek Culture! From electrifying Nerdcore Metal to Game Room Vlogs where I share my latest video game discoveries, gadgets, and inventions, I'm always cooking up something exciting here in my little corner of the world wide web. So buckle up, and let's warp back to a time where pixels ruled the digital domain!


  • Music Videos - All of my full-length song covers (and some originals) are RIGHT HERE. In one spot. Just for you!
  • Game Room VLOGS - My Music Studio is ALSO my Game Room. Oh, and I am addicted to nostalgia. Come geek out with me!
  • Drum Covers - I also just straight-up play drums to video game music and other nerd culture tunes. Let's jam!


Below are links to my personal artist pages on several different platforms as well as some of my other musical projects!


If you enjoy what I do and would like to help support my content financially, here are a few different options for you to either support me directly or by making a purchase through one of my affiliate links below!

  • YouTube Membership - Become a member of the MK Fam, MK Fleet, or MK Force over on my YouTube channel for exclusive channel perks! This includes special emojis, access to members only posts, and downloadable lossless versions of all of my music.
  • Amazon Product Lists - Miscellaneous products that I use in my Game Room / Music Studio that have been great for me and what I do! Any purchase made through this link credits a tiny portion of the sale to me at no extra cost to you.
  • ebay Store - This is my personal ebay store where I sell all kinds of nerdery. From Video Games and Tech to Figures and Collectibles, I'm sure what you find here will come as NO surprise!
  • INTO THE AM - INTO THE AM makes some FANTASTIC high quality clothes with all kinds of geeky and retro inspired shirt designs. Use this link and the code "michaelktv" to get 10% off your order and help support what I do at no extra cost to you!


Here are links to some of my favorite gadgets and gizmos I use in my Game Room! Some of these may be affiliate links, which support what I do by crediting a small portion of the sale to me at ZERO extra cost to you.



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